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Last night was the first time for me to go to a concert!!
I went to Usher's OMG Tour in Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. It was great!!!! But I was really tired after that.. XD But still, it was a great concert!!

My favourite part from the concert was *of course* when he sang DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again!! That's my favourite song from him!!
And his performance last night was just great!!! All the audiences were able to sing along with him during the song~ It was great!!

He also sang Burn, which is Usher's first song that I listened to. He did a great performance as well for that song! Burn is such a good song!! And his dance for this song is so good!!! I love it!! But I still prefer his performance for "DJ" though.. XD


And he also did a good job singing OMG. That song was the last song from his concert last night.. I really could feel the high tension around me!! Everyone had their hands up, and we all jumped while singing along with him! It was a great closing!!!

But unfortunately, I forgot to bring camera, so I didn't get to record the concert!!! ・゚・(ノД`;)・゚・ I should have brought my camera with me!! >< I really wanted to record his "DJ" performance.. TT____TT

Well, it could be a lesson for me, so next time I will remember to bring my camera. Maybe next time My Chemical Romance will come to Melbourne!! If they will, I would be sooo happy!!!! They are my favourite western singer! So if they will have concert here, I will come!! Definitely!!

And who knows, if maybe later I would be able to go to Japan and see NEWS, KinKi Kids, Matsushita Yuya, G.Addict, Miyano Mamoru, or Orepara concert~ XD I really wanna see all of them!!! I hope someday I would be able to go to their concert! *crossfingers*

14th-Dec-2010 01:04 pm - MY RESULT!!! >________
 OMG OMG!!! My final exam result will come out this Thursday!!!
I really can't wait to see it!!!
Lucky that I can check it online, since I'm not in Australia right now...
And lucky that I somehow get to remember my Student Registration Number... *phew*, cos I need it to login to check my result
I was panicking because I couldn't remember my registration number... -______-
But somehow I vaguely remember, and it was the right number!!! Wooooohooooo!!!
So now, I can relax and wait until Thursday 8am to check my result...
Hope that I will get a good result... どうか。。。
5th-Dec-2010 02:34 pm - Radio Misty!!!
 Eeeehhhh.... I couldn't access Radio Misty website anymore!!!!! >______________<
What's happening there??? Anyone cares to explain to me???
And when I tried to access Intercommunication website, it says something about bankruptcy... TT_______TT
Then, what's going to happen with Radio Misty??? Is it going to end just like that???
I don't want Radio Misty to stopppppp....... >______________<
Well, I'm not so sure yet though... since I'm not so good at reading kanji... So maybe I didn't read it correctly *I hope!*
But then, what's happening with Radio Misty??? I hope they are just changing their web address!!! *cross fingers*
11th-Nov-2010 12:09 am - Mamo!!! ♥♥♥
 OMG I've just finished my exam today!!! YATTAAA!!!!! BANZAI!!! XDD
And I've done some packing... I need to finish it quickly!! Cos I'm leaving like in 4 days...

Anyway, I finished watching Mamo's Live Tour Smiling just now!!!
He is so cuuuuuuteee~~~ Especially before he sang Happy Live, he was doing MC with the dancers. That part was so funny!!!
It was funny too when he found out that male fans were coming to his concert as well. He was waving his hands while jumping!!! XDD
Kawaii naa Mamo-kun~~~

And I love how he looks at each of his fans who came to the concert, and wave to each of them. So it seems like as he's seeing his fans as his friends. He's really friendly!
I love him so much! His voice, his personality, his face, his everything!!! He really has such a nice voice! I really understand if males like his songs too!

And at the end of the concert, he sang Kiss x Kiss again!!! OMG At that time he seriously looks so cuuuute!!!!! He was laughing while singing
He looks so happy at that time~ I love his happy face~ He's just too adorable!

I really wish to buy the DVD, but I have no money... Gomen ne Mamo... -____-
Kondo wa zettai ni kaimasu kara! Yakusoku shimasu!
15th-Oct-2010 10:07 pm - 蜃気楼・イン・ザ・ダーク
OMG does anyone here know Kaji Yuuki??? He is a 25 year old seiyuu. Still young!!! XD
He has a really nice voice! I've fallen in love with his voice, his personality, his face, his everything!!!

He is the cutest seiyuu I've ever known! His voice is just so amazing!!! I really love his voice so much~ And his lovely cute face too! ♥
Even his personality is also cute! I love reading his blog. It's just full of cuteness!!!

He is the seiyuu of Finnian in Kuroshitsuji. A cute character with a cute seiyuu~~~ I love him and Finny!!!

He is also a member of G.Addict, a group that consists of 4 seiyuu from Goulart Knight anime who sing for the anime. They have 3 singles already. And the songs are great!!!

He also has some radio shows, Kaji Face, Radio Misty (with Shimono Hiro), and Goulart Knight Net Radio. He is really amazing!!!
He sings a lot of anime opening theme songs and character songs as well. There is one particular song that I like so much! It was the character song of KATORU from PS2 game Lucian Bee's Resurrection Supernova. I've tried to find the lyrics of that song, but I cannot find the romaji lyrics, so I romanized the lyrics

Here!!!Collapse )
11th-Jul-2010 10:27 pm - I started another blog!!!

Uwaa... I really do nothing this holiday... XD
Well, sometimes I go to city or just walk around a bit... But mostly I just stay at home and watch doramas... LOL
Cause my friend is going to Goldcoast, the other is also too lazy to go out, and the other one is going to experience week in a college for next year
So then I just stay at home...

And cause I see that lots of people have Blogger, so I started to make one! Yay
Hehe... it's here, but it's all written in Indonesian, and it's just about my daily life
I will just use it as my diary, I think...
Maybe if there's something funny happened, I can write it there... XD

5th-Jul-2010 06:07 pm - INFINITY

 Has everyone listened to HSJ first album???
It's a good album nee~ I like it so much!!!
I'm going to share the lyrics of the second song, INFINITY
It's written by our Hikaru, and the piano is played by our Inoo~ *HikaNoo* XD
Sorry it's only the kanji and romaji m(_ _)m


KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

Please comment if taking <3
And if there's any mistakes, don't hesitate to let me know~ :D
28th-Jun-2010 09:38 pm - Yay!!! Exam has finished!!!
 Finally after one week of full studying, the exam week has gone!!!
Yaaay!!! I can watch dramas~~~ I can watch Shounen Club~~~ I can Shin Domoto Kyoudai~~~

Some of the exam was hell difficult!!! ><
But some of them was very easy, like my English exam
I though it would be hard!!! But it was so easy, even the listening part~ Woohoo~~~
But I'm not so sure about my Chemistry... I think I didn't do very well for Chemistry
For Physics and Maths, I think i did quite well... At least I will get more than 80%

I don't need to study anymore until 19th of July!!!! Yaay!!!
Goodbye my books~ See you again in 3 weeks~~~ XD

 Today is our Inoo-chan's birthday and the first day of my exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I hope Inoo can get solo song as soon as possible
I hope Inoo can do well in his uni life
I hope Inoo can manage his work and study well
I hope Inoo can get more fans! XD
I hope to see more YabuNoo <3
I hope to see Inoo more often in any shows
I hope Inoo will get shoot by camera more often
I hope Inoo can always be healthy
I hope Inoo can be closer with his family, friends, and of course JUMP's members~
I hope every dreams of Inoo will come true~
Happy birthday Inoo-chan! Wish you all the best!!!!!! オメデトウ ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく
18th-Jun-2010 09:29 pm - H.I.A.T.U.S.
Heyy everyoneee~~~
I will have exams next week...... X(
Aahh... I hope I can do well in my exams...
I'm so nervous!!! X( Especially for Chemistry!!!
Cos I have to study so many things!!! The textbook, workbook, handouts... OMG They are really thick!!!!
Ohh... I have I will get good marks for all subject... *prays*
Anyway, I will be on hiatus until my exams finish
I will post something on Inoo's birthday, but that's the only time I will be updating my journal this week -___-
I wish the exams can finish quickly!!! So I can have holiday~~~~ がんばります!!!
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